AOII’s Philanthropy: Making a Difference in the World

Alpha Omicron Pi is more than just a sorority, we are a sisterhood committed to making a difference. Our philanthropy, AOII’s Philanthropy: Making a Difference in the World, is just one of the ways we live out our values.

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AOII’s History of Philanthropy

Alpha Omicron Pi has a long-standing tradition of philanthropy dating back to our founding in 1897. Our founders were passionate about giving back to their communities and that tradition continues today. AOII’s philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, is near and dear to our hearts. To date, we have donated over $14 million to Make-A-Wish and helped grant over 10,000 wishes.

AOII’s Founder, Elizabeth Heywood Wyman

Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, our founder, was born in 1868 in Fredonia, New York. Elizabeth’s parents, both of whom were of Quaker heritage, died when she was young. As a result, Elizabeth and her two sisters were placed in the care of their grandparents. It was through her grandfather that Elizabeth developed a love for philanthropy. When she was just eighteen years old, Elizabeth moved to Washington D.C. to live with her aunt and uncle. In Washington D.C., Elizabeth met Evelyn Briggs Baldwin who would later become her sorority sister and co-founder of Alpha Omicron Pi.

Elizabeth graduated from Goucher College in 1889 with a bachelor’s degree in Science. After graduation, Elizabeth began working as a laboratory assistant at the Woman’s Medical College of Johns Hopkins University while simultaneously studying chemistry at the university level. In 1892, Elizabeth married Arthur Wyman and together they had three children: Eleanor in 1893, Heywood in 1895, and Alice in 1898.

In 1897, while raising her young family, Elizabeth decided to go back to school and earn her medical degree from the Women’s Medical College of Johns Hopkins University. She graduated with her degree in 1901 and began working as a physician at the woman’s outpatient department of Johns Hopkins Hospital where she remained until 1904 when she took a position as an associate physician at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

AOII’s National Philanthropy, Roseanne Roseannadanna

Roseanne Roseannadanna was AOII’s National Philanthropy from 1972-1975. Roseanne was a big part of the reason why AOII chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation as its National Philanthropy. She helped raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause.

AOII’s Impact

AOII is much more than just a sisterhood. Our philanthropy, Aoii’s Impact, is dedicated to making a difference in the world. What started as a local initiative has turned into a national movement, and we are so proud of the work our sisters are doing to improve the lives of others.

AOII’s Contributions to the Community

Since its founding in 1897, Alpha Omicron Pi has contributed nearly $12 million to national and local philanthropies. Our sisters proudly support arthritis research through our partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, as well as fund initiatives for cystic fibrosis, cardiac care, and diabetes awareness and education through our partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In addition, our chapters and sisters donate their time and talents to countless local organizations in their communities.

AOII offers a unique opportunity for members to get involved in philanthropy at all levels of the organization. Our National Philanthropy Board works to promote awareness of arthritis research and juvenile diabetes, provide service opportunities for our chapters and sisters, and raise funds to support these important causes. Our chapters also have the opportunity to apply for grant funding from our national office to support their service projects in their local communities.

AOII’s International Outreach

AOII’s International Outreach program provides education and training to women around the world who are working to improve their communities. In partnership with local organizations, we offer programs on a variety of topics, including leadership development, financial literacy, and project management. We also provide scholarships to women who are interested in pursuing higher education.

AOII’s International Outreach program has helped women in countries all over the world, including Ghana, Honduras, India, Nepal, and Peru. In Ghana, we partnered with an organization called Daughters of Destiny to offer a financial literacy program for women. The program taught the participants how to save money, budget for their families, and start their own businesses.

In Honduras, we partnered with an organization called Mujeres de Maiz to offer a leadership development program for indigenous women. The program taught the participants how to be effective leaders in their communities and helped them develop the skills they need to run for office and participate in the political process.

In India, we partnered with an organization called Apne Aap Women Worldwide to offer a series of workshops on topics like self-esteem, assertiveness training, and conflict resolution. The participants in the workshops learned how to deal with difficult situations in their personal and professional lives and gained the confidence they need to be successful.

In Nepal, we partnered with an organization called Women for Human Rights to offer a series of workshops on human rights and gender-based violence. The participants in these workshops learned about their rights under Nepali law and how to identify and report cases of gender-based violence.

In Peru, we partnered with an organization called PROMUDEH to offer a series of workshops on entrepreneurship for women. The participants learned about business planning, marketing, and financial management. They also had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

AOII’s Future

AOII has always been philanthropic, but we want to do even more. We want to be a top sorority not only on our campuses, but also in our communities and in the world. We want to be known for our service, our leadership, and our sisterhood.

AOII’s New Philanthropy Initiative

In an effort to make a difference in the world, AOII has launched a new philanthropy initiative. This initiative will focus on supporting educational initiatives and organizations that empower women and girls. AOII is committed to helping women and girls reach their full potential and believes that education is a powerful tool in achieving this goal.

AOII’s new philanthropy initiative will include a number of different initiatives and programs. One of the main programs is a partnership with the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP). This partnership will help AOII connect with other organizations that are working to empower women and girls. In addition, AOII will be working with the NGCP to develop resources and curriculum materials that can be used by other organizations.

Another key part of this initiative is AOII’s commitment to supporting scholarships for women and girls. AOII will be partnering with a number of different scholarship providers to offer scholarships specifically for women and girls. These scholarships will be available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

AOII is excited about this new philanthropy initiative and is committed to making a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world.

AOII’s continued commitment to making a difference in the world

AOII has a long history of philanthropy and making a difference in the world. We are committed to continuing this tradition through our future philanthropic initiatives.

AOII is deeply committed to our core values of sisterhood, leadership, and service. Our philanthropic efforts reflect these values and our commitment to making a difference in the world. We are proud to support a wide range of charitable causes, including breast cancer awareness, education, and leadership development.

In recent years, AOIII has made a significant impact with our philanthropic initiatives. We have raised over $5 million for breast cancer research and education through our Run for Rose event. We have also partnered with organizations like Girls on the Run to provide programming that empowers girls and young women to be healthy, confident leaders in their communities.

Looking to the future, AOIII will continue to make a difference in the world through our dedication to sisterhood, leadership, and service. We are excited to continue our work with existing partners and to forge new partnerships that will help us achieve our goals. Through these initiatives, we will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls around the world.

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