Kappa Delta: A Philanthropic Sisterhood

Kappa Delta is more than just a sisterhood. We are a philanthropic organization committed to bettering the lives of others. From our partnerships with local and national organizations, to our own initiatives, Kappa Delta strives to make a difference.

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Introduction to Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta is more than just a sorority; we are a sisterhood committed to empowering women. We offer opportunities for members to grow academically, personally, and professionally while also participating in philanthropic endeavors that benefit our local and national communities. Our sisterhood was founded on the principles of faith, hope, love, and truth, and those values continue to guide us today.

Kappa Delta’s History of Philanthropy

Kappa Delta sorority was founded in 1897 at the State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia. From the very beginning, our founders instilled in us the importance of giving back. Kappa Delta has always been a philanthropic organization, and we are proud to continue our founders’ legacies today.

Kappa Delta’s National Partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA

Since Kappa Delta’s founding in 1897, our members have been committed to serving others. That commitment is evident in the way we live our lives and in our dedication to giving back to the community. It is also evident in our national partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA.

For more than 100 years, Kappa Delta members have served as Girl Scout leaders. In fact, many of our alumnae credit their involvement in scouting with helping them develop leadership skills that have served them well throughout their lives.

Our partnership with the Girl Scouts is one of Kappa Delta’s most important philanthropic initiatives. Each year, KD sisters across the country donate their time and energy to help girls learn, grow and succeed. Through our scholarship programs, we also provide financial assistance to help young women pursue their dreams.

Kappa Delta is proud to be a part of the Girl Scout movement and we look forward to continued efforts to empower girls everywhere.

Kappa Delta’s College for Kids Program

Kappa Delta’s College for Kids program brings college to elementary and middle school-aged children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit a college campus. It aims to promote higher education and Kappa Delta’s sorority values to a younger generation.

During the program, Kappa Delta sisters lead interactive workshops on topics such as college admissions, financial aid, and campus life. They also help the kids with their homework and teach them about the importance of philanthropy. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony, where the kids receive “diplomas” and are encouraged to continue their education.

Kappa Delta sisters have been running the College for Kids program for over 20 years, and it has had a profound impact on the lives of its participants. Many of the kids who have gone through the program have gone on to attend college, and some have even become Kappa Delta sisters themselves!

Why Kappa Delta?

As a philanthropic sisterhood, Kappa Delta is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. We raise awareness and funds for organizations that support women and children, and we empower our members to become leaders in their communities. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to give back or to develop your leadership skills, Kappa Delta is the place for you.

Kappa Delta’s Commitment to Leadership Development

Kappa Delta offers support and guidance to help you grow as a leader on your campus and in your community. Our sisters devote countless hours to supporting one another in meeting their personal and leadership development goals.

We offer opportunities for you to develop your skills in the following areas:

-Public Speaking
-Conflict Resolution
-Project Management
-Event Planning
– Recruitment

Kappa Delta’s dedication to service

Kappa Delta is a national sisterhood that strives to instill values of leadership, confidence, and public service in its members, all while promoting a lifelong spirit of sisterhood. Kappa Delta’s National Headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Kappa Delta has a long-standing tradition of service. Our National Philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). Locally, we support various organizations such as the Rape Crisis Center and the YWCA. We also participate in various service projects throughout the year, such as Trick-or-Treat so Kids can Eat, Ronald McDonald House volunteering, Operation Christmas Child, and more!

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